Best Electric Mop

7 Best Electric Mop in 2023

Best Electric Mop

Cleaning your floors with traditional mops and buckets can feel exhausting. That is why you should have a plan to buy an electric mop. There are many types of alternative electric mop models in the marketplace. In this article, we have reviewed the top 7 best electric mop to make your choice easier, which can efficiently meet your floor cleaning needs and you can find the best option that you need. Best electric mops are capable to clean any type of floor. Electric mops are versatile and designed in such a way that you can easily clean your floor.

What is an electric mop?

An electric mop is a mop that is powered by electricity, some electric mops use batteries that require electricity to recharge the batteries. This is different from any traditional mop and reduces the needs of the mop bucket system. These mops are conveniently powered by electricity and do not require extra physical pressure when you clean the floor. This type of mop ensures better, easier and faster floor cleaning than any other non-electric mop.
All in all, electric mops have a power supply that uses electricity directly or by charging the battery, They are considered electric mops.

Shark Pro Cordless Vacuum Mop

Do you want to make your cleaning work hassle-free? Then this shark pro cordless vacuum mop is for you. It is a vacuum mop that combines cleaning work in two ways vacuum and mop at the same time. It can use on any sealed hard floor without the hassle of a cord. Its multi-angle swivel head provides control when cleaning the floor so that the vacuum mop can be run effortlessly under the furniture and in the corners. It comes with disposable pads and these disposable pads lock any liquid, dirt, or debris in the pad.
The vacuum mop has a handle-controlled spray function and a cleaning solution that scrubs the stuck grime removes stubborn stains and provides glossy cleanliness to the floor. Its powerful LED headlights reveal hidden dust and debris around the floor so that they can easily be clean. The battery can charge without the use of a plug but with the help of its magnetic charger. Being lightweight, it can easily carry. Since disposable pads are used in the vacuum mop, the used pad can remove without the touch of a hand by clicking on the pad release button.

  • Magnetic Charger
  • Flexible swivel head
  • Cordless and Lightweight
  • Pad release button
  • Pads for cleaning dry and wet dirt
  • Does not have a lot of section
  • Used pads cannot re-wash

Shark Genius Pocket Steam Mop

Do you want a steam mop that cleans your floor thoroughly without any flaws? Then the shark genius pocket steam mop will be the most advanced and easy-to-use steam mop of all time for you which gives quick daily cleaning to deep cleaning of the whole house. Not only does the shark genius steam mop clean the floor amazingly, but its 3-setting electronic intelligent steam control also allows you to apply the ideal amount of steam for every need. It is ideal for all hard floors. Its dual-sided pads are highly absorbent and the specially designed strips contain gripping material which is specially woven for lifting and locking dirt.
The innovative retro design comes with a folding cleaning head whose front side can flip if it gets dirty while working. After a thorough cleaning, its touch-free technology removes dirt pads and the pads can wash in a washing machine and reuse. Bleach, powder detergent, or fabric softener should never use on the pads as these can damage the top cover of the pad. Its steam blaster technology attacks hard, stuck messes by blasting extra targeted powerful steam power and quickly and effortlessly removes debris from grout lines, cracks, and angles. This steam mop effectively removes 99.99% of floor germs and bacteria with water only, it does not require any harsh chemicals. So it tends to be eco-friendly.

  • Touch-free technology
  • Double-sided dirt grip washable pads
  • Easy to use
  • Removes 99.9% of bacteria with just water
  • Clean solutions cannot use

Bissell Crosswave pet pro

Bissell Crosswave pet pro is safe and effective to use on any type of floor and carpet. The innovative cross wave pet pro formula allows for better cleaning from a sponge mop or bucket. At the same time, it works with a vacuum and mop which helps to clean daily pet mess quickly and easily. It has two-tank technology that separates clean water and formula from dirty water and dry debris. After cleaning the floor, the pet hair filter separates pet hair and large debris from the dirty water in the dirty tank. It consists of two tangle-free brush rolls made of a combination of nylon and microfiber, which allows the brush roll to easily remove annoying debris without scratching the floor. Its on-demand formula allows you to switch between area rugs non-stop while cleaning the floor by controlling the fingertips while delivering the right amount of formula to the floor using the trigger.
It contains Febreze Freshness which helps to remove the smell of pets. Its storage tray helps to store the machine and brush rolls after use. This machine can clean wet and dry pet messes around your home, including food spreads, and pet hair. It does not mean that you should take this product if you have pets only in your house but you can still take it for deep cleaning of the floor. Bissell proudly supports the Bissell Pet Foundation and helps to save homeless pets and that is why you can help to save pets when you buy this product.

  • Every purchase saves pets
  • Vacuum and Wash at a time
  • Two-Tank Technology
  • Tangle – Free brush roll
  • Multi-Surface cleaning technology
  • No Wi-Fi enabled

Shark Steam Mop

shark is one of the several house-care brands made with shark ninja and has been rapidly building a significant market share in the household cleaning industry. This updated version of the Shark steam mop brings a great starter model for new users at a great price. It is designed to be easy to manage. It is ready to work within 30 seconds of being connected to electricity. Its steam can use as per the demand and the floor can clean effortlessly with the power of steam. The floor can disinfect with just water and grease and grime can remove without the use of any chemicals.
The steam mop is lightweight and maneuverable so it allows you to go any tight place. Its removable water tank makes the job easier because the larger water tank can easily refill and allows you to clean the floor more so you don’t have to refill it again and again. It is much easier to store after use.

  • Steam ready within 30 seconds
  • Large removable water tank
  • Sanitize the floor with just water
  • Easy to use and store
  • It cannot be run on batteries

VMAI Cordless Electric Mop

The VMAI cordless electric mop is built on the latest wireless technology that is not limited by distance. You can extend the life of a mop by simply replacing a battery, which means that this device can renew after a few years by simply replacing a battery.
Compared to other electric mops, the VMAI Cordless mop with a detachable 2550mAh battery allows easy cleaning up to 2150 sq. ft in a 40-60 minutes long charge after only 2.5 – 3 hours of fast charging. Equipped with a spinning dual-motor, this powerful floor cleaner can easily remove stubborn stains, dust, and dirt from home and kitchen floors. Its ergonomic handle makes you feel good holding it so you can comfortably clean around the house, floor, and stairs. To adjust the length of the electric floor mop, it has a handle that can be up to 48.6 inches long and up to 36 inches short. Its mop head allows horizontal rotation from left to right 180 degrees and 90 degrees vertical which can remove germs and grime from under furniture, all corners, and hard-to-reach places. The mop has LED headlights that can instantly clean up all hidden dirt.
Due to the 300ml built-in water tank, this electric mop has a spray function that can fill the water tank with a measuring cup. One press operation of Mop’s Water Sprayer allows you to control how much water/oil/solution you want. It is the perfect scrubber and cleaner for all types of floors. This pack includes reusable scrubby and soft-touch microfiber pads that can machine wash after use. Mop pads are replaceable and ideal floor cleaner for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. The lightweight mop is very easy to install and store.

  • The battery provides a longer working time
  • One-click spray trigger
  • Spinning dual motor
  • Detachable Battery
  • Cord-free electric mop
  • Do not have a magnetic charger

Bissell Expert Hard Floor Spin Mop

By purchasing the Bissell Expert Hard Floor Spin Mop you can help to save homeless pets and Bissell proudly supports his mission. The mop is safe and effective to use on any sealed hard floor. Its biggest advantage is that it cleans the floor in a powerful way without making any noise while cleaning the floor. It is designed with a low profile and swivel steering which is easy to maneuver. So it is great for cleaning complex areas like around furniture, under cabinets, and baseboards. It has powerful rotating spinning mop pads that help to restore the floor’s natural glossiness.
Mop pads include reusable scrubby and soft-touch microfiber pads. Scrubby for stiff, sticky messes and microfiber pads are extremely effective for daily gentle cleansing. The lightweight mop’s spray trigger lets you control as much solution as you need when cleaning the floor. The machine comes with a removable, easy-to-fill water tank that can use to clean small and large areas. It comes with 1 trial size hard floor sanitize formula and 2 trial size wood floor formulas which cleans the floor deep disinfects 99.9% and remove bacteria.

  • Powerful spinning Mop pads
  • On-demand spray
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Quiet cleaning
  • Safe on all sealed hard floors
  • It cannot use for recharge
  • It’s not cord-free

Bissell PowerFresh Vacuum and Steam Mop

Do you want to maintain an easy cleaning routine without taking too many steps? Then this Bissell Powerfresh Vacuum and steam mop are for you. Vacuum and at the same time steam your hard floor, using the natural energy of steam kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria and also sanitizes the floor. Its Easy Touch digital control lets you switch between machine functions while cleaning, so you can vacuum and steam the floor at the same time or separately. Its powerful cyclonic vacuum can help capture dry dirt and debris from the floor. It has a dry tank technology, which keeps the debris dry inside as the tank retains moisture while cleaning the floor.
This mop pad kit includes 1 washable microfiber soft mop pad, 1 washable microfiber scrubby mop pad, and 1 detachable mop pad tray with which you can easily change mop pads. For use in steam mops, it comes with 3 scents of 100% demineralized water, which leave a fresh scent as the floor is cleaned. You can also insert the disc into the mop pad to increase the fresh scent while cleaning with the steam. It is safe to use on sealed hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, marble, tile, and granite floors.

  • Digital touch control
  • Quick-Release mop pad tray
  • Dry tank technology
  • Sanitize with steam
  • Safe to use on sealed surfaces
  • Powerful cyclonic vacuum
  • Don’t have disposable pads

Things to consider before buying the best electric mop

There are various features, advantages, and disadvantages of electric mops in the market. You should check these things before buying the best electric mop that you need.
So to find the ideal mop for your cleaning needs, consider the following:


The first thing you need to look for is the type of floor, where you will use the electric mop. Electric mops are designed separately to work on a variety of hard floors. So you need to make sure that your floor is compatible with the electric mop you want to choose and that it cleans the floor properly without any damage.

Cordless design

The cordless model does not require an electrical outlet for mopping, but since it is cordless, it can use in any corner of the house. However, it is used by charging or using batteries. The cordless design will be your best choice if you are having trouble connecting the cord and choosing the size of the cord.

Corded device

You need to plug in a power outlet while cleaning with corded mops. The size of the cord should consider depending on the needs of your cleaning area.

Water tank

The size of the water tank should also consider. This will give you an idea of how much water your electric mop can hold. If you have a large room and you do not want to refill the tank frequently, you should choose an electric mop with a large tank. On the other hand, if the house is small, you should choose an electric mop with a small tank.

Mop pads

Consider the different types of mop pads and their features to seek out the proper option for your floors. Different types of detachable mop pads are used in electric mops for an efficient cleaning experience. Some cleaning pads are efficient for precise cleaning and for stubborn stains. In this case, this cleaning pad is more effective than a soft cleaning pad. But a soft mop pad is the best option for hardwood floors and it protects your floor from scratches or damage. Again disposable pads work in a conventional cleaning process. In this case, after mopping, you can throw the cleaning pad in your trash and put a new one on the head of the mop.


Price is undoubtedly an important issue. Although the price of an electric mop may seem a bit high at first, it will give you long-lasting durability. We have included in this article a variety of affordable electric mops that will meet your desired needs within your budget and help you to choose the best electric mop.

User friendly

Electric mops that are difficult to operate should not pick. We have included in this article all the mops that you and your family members can easily use.

Care and maintenance

Follow these tips to properly care for and maintain your electric mop :

  • Always keep the whole unit clean so that dust does not accumulate in the motor. Regularly wiping the mop body, handle and other exterior parts prevents dust from accumulating and improves airflow.
  • Be sure to wash or change your filters regularly. This is because electric or steam mop filters get dirty faster than any other part of the mop.
  • Mopping pads, as well as cleaning heads, should check regularly for dirt or debris. This can interfere with pad adherence and cause dragging or avoidance during mopping.
  • The microfiber cleaning pads used in most electric mops can machine wash. However, in the case of washing, use only cold or warm water to protect their fibers from breaking and to prolong them.
  • Wait for the mop to cool before storing and make sure all its steam is released.
  • Make sure you have emptied its water tank to store the electric or steam mop.
  • Inspect the power supply regularly. Whether the mop is corded or battery-operated, all wires and plugs should check.
Is steam mop good for cleaning?

Proper use of a steam mop can effectively remove stubborn dirt and stains with the natural energy of steam. The steam mop also kills 99.9% of germs that invisibly crawl on the floor.

Are electric mops better than manual mops?

If you want something fast, efficient, and automatic for floor cleaning, then an electric mop is a good and smart option for you. Of course, manual mops work against them. Because, with manual mops, you have to work with the time and physical stress.

Are Electric mops clean with water only?

Almost all electric mops are clean with water only. Using harsh chemicals can be dangerous for your floor. However, some electric mops come with a cleaning solution that can use as your floor type.

How long do electric mops last?

An electric mop lasts several years if it is used with proper care, maintenance and instructions. Many electric mops have been in use for 10 years or more, and newer models have been better designed.

The Bottom Line

It is important to clean your home regularly to stay your family safe and secure from any type of germs, bacteria, and dirt. But the tedious task of cleaning the floor using a regular floor mop is really discouraging. So, adding the best electric mop to your cleaning utilities not only reduces hard work but also saves a lot of your valuable time and makes your cleaning enjoyable. You can choose any of the best electric mops mentioned above to get an easy and effective cleaning performance.

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